Sunday, March 22, 2009

First post

My name's Mike, and this is my blog. I'll be announcing coding projects and whatnot here. Things I'm working on:
  • Kite an awesome new dynamic language that is blazing fast. Almost all of it is written in C for speed, but is still fully documented (unlike other language's libraries built in C *cough Ruby cough*. I wrote and benchmarked an SQLite adapter - it was 5 times faster than Ruby, and there's a lot more improvements to come. I'm writing a lot of the standard library.
  • Ruby/Rails -- It's an awesome language. Anything I can extract from internal projects, and publish, I'll be announcing here.
  • Javascript/HTML 5 databases -- I think ActiveRecord.js does a lot right, but I've got a few ideas of my own.
  • Web design musings perhaps.

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