Monday, March 23, 2009

validates_not_profane 0.1 released!

This was an internal project, and now it's public. Hooray! From the readme:

validates_not_profane provides a hook into the Profanalyzer gem as a validation for your ActiveRecord models. It's use is simple:

validates_not_profane :column_name, :column_2

Will cause the model to produce errors if that column contains profanity in its value. Of course, since the Profanalyzer gem is customizable, so is the validation:

validates_not_profane :post_title, :racist => true, :sexual => false

will block racial slurs, but nothing else.

validates_not_profane :post_title, :tolerance => 5

will block only the most vile of profanity. The scale for tolerance is from 0-5, which is mostly subjective, in all honesty.

You can also use the :label option to customize the error message - see the examples in the README.

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